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Cornell Blockchain is the nation's leader in Blockchain Education. CBC specializes in creating easily-understood, non-biased, applicable, hands-on coursework for students of varying experience levels.


Cornell Blockchain has taught over 200+ undergrads in its for-credit class CS1998: Introduction to Blockchain. The club noticed a lack of formal Blockchain education offerings for Cornell students, so created a class to educate the Cornell community on comprehensive Web3 fundamentals. The class is held twice a week and is taught by a different set of undergrad club members each semester.


NYC Bootcamp


Cornell Blockchain was selected to teach the New York Department of Education's first ever Blockchain Bootcamp. As sponsored by Mayor Adams, Joe&Clara Tsai Social Justice Foundation, and the New York Department of Education, Cornell Blockchain was able to deliver a 6-week Blockchain Bootcamp to 50+ inner-city Brooklyn high school students. Over the six weeks, the students were able to take Blockchain fundamentals and apply them to  their own vision for how Blockchain could serve real-world use cases.

Mastering Ethereum and Other Texts

Cornell Blockchain was the main contributor to the notorious, Blockchain best-seller, Mastering Ethereum. Today, Cornell Blockchain is furthering the democratization of Blockchain education by writing a new textbook aimed at college-level students.

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