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Cornell Blockchain was founded in 2017 to democratize Web3 awareness and help catalyze real-world use cases of Blockchain technology.

In 2017, formal Blockchain education was primarily reserved for highly technical, graduate-level students. Cornell Blockchain Club saw this type of exclusitivity as being anti-thetical to the ethos of Blockchain Technology itself and furthermore serving as a stark obstacle to adoption.


Ultimately, Cornell Blockchain Club was formed by a few undergrads who had a deep-rooted motivation to democratize Blockchain education and awareness for all peoples. The early motivations origins of Cornell Blockchain serves as a North-Star and continues to reside in everything that Cornell Blockchain does today.

Cornell Blockchain Club strives to create a world that can benefit from the benefits of Blockchain Technology and a more equitable, decentralized world. To do this, the club believes the first step must be to build awareness and education around the technology in a nuetral, unintimidating, and unstigmatized way.

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