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Leading the Digital Future through...

Cornell Blockchain Club is the nation's leader in Blockchain education.


Cornell Blockchain was founded in 2017 to democratize Web3 awareness and help catalyze real-world use cases of Blockchain technology.

CBC Education has...

  • Taught over 200+ undergrad students in their for-credit Introduction to Blockchain Course

  • Conducted the first ever blockchain course sponsored by NYC DOE and Mayor of New York City

  • Hosted Solidity, DeFi, TA/FA, SQL teach-ins

  • Led Academic Discussions with Industry Leaders

  • Ranked #1 by Coinbase for Blockchain Education

Cornell Blockchain Club students get to work on exclusive, hands-on projects with real Web3 companies

Cornell Blockchain Club connects industry leaders, academics, and traditional institutions via conferences/events to create a better Web3 of tomorrow.

CBC have hosted...

  • 2 large-scale Cornell Blockchain Conferences with over 500+ industry leaders, academics, and institutions in attendance

  • Keynote speakers from Coinbase, Ava Labs, Uniswap, Ethereum Foundation, FTX, Messari,, Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Google, American Express, EY, IBM, Tezos, Algorand, Cosmos, and many more

  • A hackathon that had +100 attendees

  • Twitter spaces with Web3 leaders to discuss their roles

  • NYC Meetups to connect with the broader Web3 community

CBC Projects have included...

  • Contributing to Mastering Ethereum by Dr. Gavin Woods

  • Creating a toolbox for zkSNARKS on Ethereum

  • Consulting an IoT Blockchain on their Governance structure

  • Helping develop Bamboo: a morphing smart contract language on Ethereum

  • Building a Cyclic Arbitrage Bot on Ethereum

  • DAO Research for a Joe Lubin's NFT collaborative

  • Consulting for an NFT marketplace for a major Indian exchange

  • Consult Snapchat on NFT project

  • Implementing BTC relay, a medium of exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum, in solidity

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